Virtual and Online Resources for General Suicide Prevention

Virtual and Online Resources for General Suicide Prevention

Compiled by the Pennsylvania Garrett Lee Smith Youth Suicide Prevention Grant Team

Online Virtual Gatekeeper Trainings
Counseling on Access to Lethal Means
Free online course about how to reduce access to lethal means (approximately 2 hours)

Locating and Understanding Data for Suicide Prevention
A free online course from the Suicide Prevention Resource Center which presents various data sources that can help you
find data on suicide deaths, attempts, and ideation. It also helps you to better understand the data you find.

Prevent Suicide PA Online Learning Center
Free gatekeeper trainings for Mental Health Providers and Educators. The “Suicide Prevention for Educators” course
meet the needs of Act 71 of 2014, requiring a minimum of four hours of training on suicide prevention every five years.

Choosing a Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper Training Program: A Comparison Table of Trainings Available Online
This comparison table from the SPRC will help you find an online gatekeeper training appropriate for your setting, the
people you are trying to protect from suicide, and the people you want to train as gatekeepers.

Guidance for Culturally Adapting Gatekeeper Trainings
This tool from the SPRC provides a series of questions to guide the cultural adaptation of gatekeeper training programs
and so improve the community ownership, utilization, and effectiveness of the training.


Selecting and Implementing a Gatekeeper Training
This tool from the SPRC provides information on gatekeeper trainings. It includes questions and lists of factors to
consider that can help users through preparing for, selecting, implementing, evaluating, and sustaining gatekeeper


Mental Health Technology Transfer Center Network- Recorded Webinars, Videos, and Podcasts
SPRC Webinars
The SPRC has compiled a list of archived webinars from the SPRC, SAMHSA, ICF, and the Injury Control Research Center
for Suicide Prevention (ICRC-S).


Phone Applications
General Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Apps
This resource sheet includes a list of mental health mobile apps which provide tools for stress management, relaxation,
mindfulness, etc. and a list of applications specifically for suicide prevention.